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Luna's Star cover

Luna's Star

Luna's Star

Sheamus Adair

A little owlet named Luna lived in a deep dark forest. Luna was a special owlet who reached for the stars.

One night, Luna’s Momma and Papa told her, “Little Bird, you can be anything you want to be. Only the sky is the limit. So dream big.”

The sky is the limit, Luna thought as she fell asleep under her mother’s wing. Follow Luna as she launches herself into the sky.

Reach out, there is no limit on what you can achieve!


Pinnacle Book Achievement

Luna's Star

2021 Pinnacle Book
Achievement Award
Best Books
in Children's Interest

Purple Dragon

2021 Purple Dragonfly
Book Award
Honorable Mention
Best Illustrations

2021 NYC Big Book Award
Distinguished Favorites

About the Author

Sheamus Adair is a born and raised Alaskan resident with a lifelong passion for music, cartoons, avians, and helping others. He has been doodling comics with his friends since grade school, the bright colors and stories contrasting the dark and cold winters of the north. By day, he works as a Licensed Massage Therapist. This is his first published book.




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