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Penelope's Hope

Penelope's Hope

Penelope's Hope

Laurie Guderian

Illustrator Anthony LeBeau

Penelope was no ordinary dog. She loved to play at the park and fetch the mail, but she also learned to talk and read and she had big hopes for her future. Ever since she was a pup, she wanted to be a Groomer when she grew up – a People Groomer.

A delightful story about a little dog with a big dream, Penelope’s Hope is all about never giving up on your dreams, even if they turn out a little different than how you first imagined. Inspired by the author’s own pup and brought to life with charming illustrations, Penelope will warm hearts and inspire young readers to have big hopes of their own.

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About the Author and Illustrator

Laurie Guderian is a retired nurse and avid reader. She lives in Eagle River, Alaska with her husband, Roger, and their doggy, Sami Jo. Her inspiration for writing comes from her friends in the writing group at the Chugiak Senior Center.

Anthony LeBeau will graduate from Arcadia University in May 2021 with a BFA in illustration. He says about his art, "The best form of entertainment is a story. Stories, such as those in children’s books or comics, rely heavily on images. It is these images that my art is based upon. My art is expressed in the form of comics, children’s books, detailed single images, and videogame based art, often surrounding such themes as science-fiction, fantasy, landscape, character design. My art has been described as funny, whimsical, playful and detailed. My intention is to create art that entertains, after all who doesn’t like a story, or something funny, or something that is simply just visually appealing."

See more of Anthony's art on Instagram @art_by_lebeau


New words

Carafe – a special bottle that keeps drinks like coffee or tea hot
Groomer – a person who keeps hair or fur, skin, and nails clean and neat
Impeccable – perfect, with no mistakes
Morose – unhappy, sad, gloomy
Salon – a business that provides grooming
Smock – a loose coat or gown that is worn to protect clothes (or fur) from getting dirty
Tousled – messed up by hands rubbing back and forth


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