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Whatever Happened to Hansel and Gretel?

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Have you ever wondered?

Twenty-four contemporary writers imagine the lives of Hansel and Gretel ten years after the children escaped from the witch's candy house in the woods. Dive into these creative, surprising, entertaining, and hilarious sequels to the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale!

  • Where did Jacob Grimm first hear the story of Hansel and Gretel?
  • How did Hansel and Gretel feel about their infamous escape from the candy cottage?
  • Did Hansel or Gretel face charges for the witch's demise?
  • What if Hansel and Gretel appeared as guests on a TV talk show?

Stories by

Lisa Acerbo • Janet M. Bair • Janice Boland • Virginia Bulzacchell • Carmella Cammarota • Kristen Whitney Daniels • Adele Evershed • Angela Blake Fields • Everett W. Fields • Debbie Gilbert • Kelly Gavin Guerra • Jessica L. Hughes • Patricia Humphreys • Martha Jankovic • Kim Kovach • John-Paul Marciano • Richard Mendes • Shari Kay Mokhtari • Martha Paszek • Claire Quinn • Andrea J. Rockower • Jenni Scalisi • Constance Taylor • Claudia Wolen

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