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A Boy A Bike Alaska!

A Boy A Bike Alaska!

Warren Carlson

The coming-of-age story of a young man's adventure of a lifetime.

A Boy A Bike Alaska!

The day after his high school graduation in Mt. Shasta City, California, Jack Iverson set off on his own for Alaska and a job at a fishing lodge near Denali National Park. His ride was a Honda Shadow, and his journey was 3,242 miles through rugged and beautiful terrain. Along the way, Jack's encounters with people, nature, life and death were all part of his greater journey from youth to adulthood.

Time on the river, learning to paddle a canoe in strong currents, learning boating skills with the hope of being a river guide, meeting the world's hairiest man, riding through a buffalo herd, lunch with an old man with challenging ideas, first ride in a small plane, friendship with a couple who seem like grandparents to you, photography lessons from a pro, swimming with a grizzly bear, running from an unhappy moose and other adventures too numerous to mention.

It was a summer to remember.

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"A good read" "enjoyed it so much I read it twice" "adventure-packed coming-of-age story" "true adventure for all ages"

"wonderfully descriptive writing kept me invested" "descriptions take you along this once in a lifetime trip"

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About the Author

Warren Carlson began his adventurous life when, at age fourteen, he slept alone in the woods for the first time and discovered that the world was a friendly and beautiful place. Other adventures followed: climbing Mt. Shasta three times and Mt. Ranier once; solitary hikes in several national parks; alpine excursions in France, Switzerland, Spain, and Azerbaijan; Peace Corps Volunteer in the middle east; travel to India, Kashmir, Turkey, Ireland, England and yes, a solitary motorcycle ride to Alaska where he met some of the characters depicted in this book while others have been made up or transferred from other adventures.

Carlson describes himself as a job vagabond. His employment adventures include ski instructor, actor-director-playwright, special needs teacher, newspaper reporter, carpenter, cowboy, ski area management, house designer and builder, and tour guide in three national parks.

His literary credits include numerous short stories and poetry. (Northern Journeys, Spectrum, Jefferson Journal and others.) His plays have been produced in several venues including Spokane Repertory, Spokane, Washington; Actors' Theatre, Ashland, Oregon; and the Metta Theatre, Taos, NM. He holds a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

"I've written the book that I would have loved to read when I was fifteen."

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