Flash Fiction Resources

Feb 8, 2024 | Writing Tips

Here are some sites that provide resources to help you improve your flash fiction writing.

Fusilli Writing Resources   Articles include:

    • ‘Show’ don’t ‘tell’
    • Titles for flash
    • Writing plot twists in flash fiction
    • Micro fiction: Beginning, middle and end – a theory of micro fiction construction
    • Entering writing competitions – six top tips

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association    10 Hands-On Tips For Writing Flash Fiction

    • Ten useful tips

The Guardian   Stories in your pocket: how to write flash fiction

    • Author David Gaffney experiences writing and selling flash

Writers.com  How to Write Flash Fiction Stories

    • Good collection of tips
    • Suggestions for submitting

Writers Edit  The Ultimate Guide To Flash Fiction (And How To Write Your Own

    • Handy list of flash fiction subgenres with examples
    • Tips with links to more  details



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